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Latest FOFL News

Starbirds acquire Franchise QB Brock Rogan

Posted By: Swaygodeus


QB Brock Rogan threw 41 TD's & was a Top 2 QB in the league this past season for the Las Vegas Curse

Manhattan, NY

The team that will be playing in a new city, with a sharp new logo, and a sharp new identity, will also be doing so with a sharp new QB who will instantly become the face of the franchise overnight.

The Manhattan Starbirds and GM Tee Starbird came to terms with the Las Vegas Curse brass late Saturday night, on a deal that will send the coveted veteran to Manhattan for a 4th round pick.

Yes, the Starbirds were able to secure arguably a Top 3 QB in the league for a 4th round pick. How so you might ask? Well it's obvious the Starbirds brass had some good blackmail on the Curse, just kidding, however, the real answer is the cap number that Rogan carries combined with the fact the Curse have one of the youngest, brightest stars at the position in Myles more.

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Peters Looks forward to Going At it Hard with Tickers

Posted By: Fritz

Wendell Petersplayed ten years in the FOFL. Nine ofthose years were with the Kongs of Keene as a defensive back, where the team failed to make theplayoffs even once, and failed to win one game in French. Peters quicklybecame accustomed to dysfunction.

This all changedwhen Peters retired and entered the coaching profession. First as Assistant Cornerbacks Coach at New Hampshire for a year, then on to Fitchburg for twoseasons as Defensive Backs coach. Petersdid a year as the Receivers Coach in Europe as part of the FOFL internshipprogram, and then another as a Defensive Coordinator.

Peters returned tothe states to take the same position with North Western. An unexpected run at the Big Ten championshipled by a pounding Wildcat defense thrust him into the discussion for vacanciesin both college and the pros. Peterscapitalized on this by inking an five year deal to become the head coach atMemphis.

The turnaround on the Mississippi wasremarkable. Peter took a 2 and 10 team to 6and 6 more.

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Carter Plans to Retire After Season

Posted By: Fritz

Christian “Muleshoe” Carter announced his plans to retire from the FOFL after the season. The announcement came Monday afternoon, after 15 years and three trips to the FOFL Bowl (one starting) as the quarterback of the French Ticklers. Carter, who is on the final year of a 3 year contract, plans to call it quits after the 2043 season.

At an emotional press conference held at Novelty Stadium, Muleshoe choked back tears as he said, "I know it's the right thing. I know it's the right thing for me because of my age, health, the leg problems I've had. It took its toll."

Muleshoe has suffered as many as eight leg injuries during his FOFL career, which will leave many teams reluctant to take the chance that he can lead their team through an entire season. He hopes to explore a more.

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French Takes Six

Posted By: Fritz

In an unprecedented move, The French Ticklers have taken 6 defensive backs in the 2039 FOFL draft. In the last pick of the first round, the Ticklers selected S Melvin Alston from Louisiana-Monroe. Two picks later at 2-2 the Ticklers tapped Western Kentucky's S Matt Elliott. At the end of the third round French selected Mississippi's S Jorge Dingle. Pausing a round to take an offensive player the Ticklers returned to action taking CBs Nick Schroeder (Buffalo), Leslie Carlisle (Weber), and Shaun Perry (Michigan) In the 5th and 6th rounds.

New Head Coach Daniel Beaton made it known in the locker room that he would not tolerate mediocrity in the defensive backfield. "We have an explosive offense and a great pass rush. There is no reason for the secondary to struggle so much. "

Going into the draft the Ticklers were carrying 9 defensive backs, and expect to keep 9 into the season. "You do the math," quipped GM Fritz. "There will be some disappointed players after training camp, but we have to constantly improve." more.

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Alabama release LB Drietz

Posted By: Isacco

After four years of mutual misunderstanding GM Isacco decide to release LB Omar Drietz, one of the best LB of the FOFL.
"I make the possible and the impossible to find a solution with Omar but he want to move to another team." Said Isacco. "I'm forced to do this!"
"I'm very excited to become a free agent and I'm sure many team are ready to talk with my agent." Said Drietz in an interview. "I'm very happy to have finally a possibility to change team. I want to win a Bowl and Alabama is not ready for this!" more.

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2.R. Conway1656
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D. Schwartz8


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